Promote the preservation, conservation and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida

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Chapter Documents

Bylaws of the Citrus Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society


Native Plant Information and more

Map of Demo Gardens and Notable Plant Communities in Citrus County

Suggested Native Trees, Shrubs and Herbaceous Plants for Citrus County.

FNPS Regional Landscape Brochure

2020 Suggested Native Plant Retailers In Our Area

Florida Native Plant Suggested Books

20 Easy to Grow Wildflowers

Seedling Images and Information of Several Wildflowers

Villages Chapter HOA approved landscapes


Meeting Extras

From the March 2020 Chapter Meeting: Butterflies of Citrus County and Host Plants

From the October 14th Chapter MeetingBack To The Basics – Laying Out Your Design Plan - Donna Carrigan

From the March 6th Chapter Meeting: Cyber Plants – Learning how to use the Internet for native plant information

From the April 2019 Meeting: Herbalism by Rose Kalajian and How to Make and Decant Tinctures and Making Herbal Clay Paste.

Notes from Previous Barbara's Bits are Here



Introduction to Florida Native Plant Society (2:26)

Florida Native Plant Society on YouTube - Lots of Great Videos

Planting for Wildlife (7:01)

Landscaping with Florida Native Wildflowers by Nature Wise (3:04)

Why Native Plants? (3:50)

Florida Native Plant Society on YouTube

Doug Tallamy Presentation "Nature's Best Hope"

The Villages Chapter Presentation:  "Great Pollinators - Florida Native Bees and Honey Bees with Nini Connor and Jean the Beekeeper." 

Spring in the Sandhill - Coronavirus Edition with President Susan Carr (new videos through 4/18)

Panhandle Plants with Lilly Anderson-Messec (new videos daily as Lilly has time and the right weather to botanize)


Links to More Useful Information

Florida Wildflower Foundation nurtures the awareness, understanding and enjoyment of Florida native wildflowers through conservation, preservation and education.

Some Insect Information:

Barbara's Bugs - The Good Guys

Little Known Pollinators

Landscaping with Native Plants:

Barbara's Book Recommendation: Native Plant Landscaping for Florida Wildlife - Craig N.Huegel

Rudbeckias in Landscapes

Native Bunch Grasses for Landscaping and Native Bunchgrasses: A Natural Alternative to Turf

Ideas for Fall Color

Planting and Care of Seaside Goldenrod

Silphiums in Landscapes

Silver-Leafed Aster





Here are a couple of links to the North American Lichen Consortium. Several of the State Park lichen species lists, and the main website, are listed below for folks to peruse:



Note that in the "Options Box" on each of the different state park pages, you can click on the "Display As Images" filter, and you will see images of each of the species.  You need to hit "Rebuild List" for this to work.  Pretty cool.

For those who would like a copy of our field oriented Florida macrolichen key, they can go to this link and scroll to the bottom of the page under "Bryophyte and Lichen Literature" and click on the most recent 2015 version. Hopefully we will get that updated in 2018.




Panhandle region

Northeast region

Central region

West Coast region

Southeast region


FNPS has a long list of plants appropriate to Florida growing conditions.  You can use it to build a list specific to your County and to your site conditions.  It will also let you pick plants for butterflies, birds, and other wildlife.  Here is the link.







Published on  15.04.2020